Audio Dropouts (Playback), no changes on system

Hi, I’m using a UR44 with Windows 10. A few weeks ago audio playback dropouts started happening in Cubase as well as outisde of Cubase. Cubase shows me the following message when I go into the driver settings window: “Audio interruption due to USB error is detected. Refer to the troubleshooting in the operation maual.”.

I didn’t change anything on the hardware or software side as far as I know. I already reinstalled all drivers, tried different USB cables and ports and even ordered a new UR44c. Pluged it in, same problem. PLEASE HELP ME GUYS, the Steinberg support does not answer and I need to get some work done!

faulty USB port ?

are all the ones you tried on the motherboard ?

I tried three different ports directly on the motherboard as well as one in a USB hub

the USB hub was connected to the motherboard though ?

(I’m just guessing!)

Yes, but can all the different ports go faulty at the same time?

Also, there are other devices hooked up per usb working just fine.

It’s possible as the controller could be faulty…

It’s impossible to say but I suspect it’s a software problem not a hardware problem

Things I would do:

  • Check power options - making sure that there is no power saving on the USB ports
  • Try an older UR44 driver
  • look through windows updates and see if there was a USB driver update
  • try Latencymon to see if anything is amiss (google it)
  • if it’s a desktop then buy a cheap usb PCIe card as a test
  • I would look at this page:
    UR-C: Audio dropouts in SuperSpeed (USB 3.1 Gen 1) mode – Steinberg Support

obviously I’m just guessing.

Thanks so much for your effort! I’ll try some things out

let us know how you get on - it might help others