Audio dropouts since upgrading to Cubase 13 Artist

I upgraded to Cubase 13 Artist at the same time as OS Sonoma hit my Mac. Since then I get audio dropouts on exported mixes. I have tried numerous tweaks within Cubase but cannot fix this. It always happens towards the end of an exported audio track. Has anybody else experienced anything like this?

Hi and welcome to the form,

Please make sure, you have the letterr Cubase 13.0.20 update installed.

How is your drive formatted, please?

Hi Martin

My version is 13.0.10, so that needs an update which I will do now.
All of my project content is saved on an external SSD formatted to ExFAT format. I did this initially as I transferred projects between my Mac M1 and my Windows laptop about a year or so ago, but now I work exclusively on my Mac.
This issue only occurred after I upgraded to Cubase Artist 13 (previously Artist 12) but the Mac Sonoma update also dropped about the same time so I’m not sure where the issue came from.

Thanks for your swift reply, really appreciated.