Audio dropouts with ur28m


i have to following problem…

When i load a wav audio file into cubase 9
and i sync it with a vsti, after 15 or 20 sec the sound from the audio file drops out for a few seconds, and then it comes back,
this occours randomly, no automation etc is used…
the vsti works perfect, no dropouts…

I worked b4 cubase 9 on 7.5 with a esi usb card & never had these problems??

Did i make a bad config somewhere?

i’m on windows 10

Sigh tried everything…

when i use only vsti’s i don’t have audio dropouts, i only gor dropout’s when i add a long wav fileplayed as a audio track.
vsti’s are working good… only the audio track drops out random.

Tried another audio card the same thing happens, tried diffirent usb ports, lot’s of settings in cubase & bios all steinberg configs voor best performance etc.

Somebody got some tips?

Must be sum problem with audio warp, without audio warping no drop outs…

Anybody have a clue?

You might want to post in the Cubase forum if it’s not specifically the UR28.
You will get a lot more views and hopefully some ideas to try, though this is an odd one!

The only thing that immediately springs to mind is to try and play the audio from a different drive.

Hi thanks for your answer…

Yeah i tried that also, didn’t make any effect…
Maybe post it in another forum, searched a-lot but didn’t find a decent fix.
I also opend a ticket to steinerg, hopefully they know a fix