Audio dropouts

I have an issue where ill be playing a project and the audio just drops out really quick. Started about 2 wks ago but i cant think of what change could have been done prior to it starting. It happens randomly. Below is what i tried and after a few minutes the dropouts continued. Weird because sometimes the dropout happens so quickly that if im in the middle of recording, the audio still records. However, if the dropout is longer, it will drop really quick in the recording. Sometimes i can work through a session for 2 hrs and ill get 1or 2 drops. Sometimes 6 or 7. I also ran dpc latency checker and it runs smooth with no spikes even when the audio drops. Im hoping i didnt leave anything out. Ive been testing dif scenerios since it started happening. Any suggestions appreciated!

Disabled all plugins
Changed buffer size up/down
Disabled/enabled multiprocessing
Disabled/enable ASIO Guard
Disabled/enabled Steinberg audio power scheme
Tried moving projects from my ssd drive to my wd drive.
Disabled anti-virus
Disabled ethernet port
Made sure all other programs are closed
Switched my wireless keyboard and mouse for usb


Windows 7 64
Core i7 920
23 gigs of ram
System drive Samsung SSD 500 gig
Cubase 7.0.4 64 bit

I experienced the same and found the solution in the CPU Power Management (BIOS)
After I set it to “disable” dropouts vanished!! :stuck_out_tongue:

This feature reduces CPU power or sets it to sleep as soon as it looks the CPU is in idle.

Now I was able to undo all settings previous done to get rid of dropouts:
Set FW buffer to ‘normal’
Reactivate the onboard soundchip (BIOS)
Audio priority from BOOST back to NORMAL
ASIO buffer back to small 32 samples, so latency is < 2 ms :wink:)
Disk preread from 6 secs back to only 2 seconds, the lowest possible.
Graphic options from ‘best system performance’ back to ‘automatic’
Multiprocessing to ON

I tried hard but was not able to produce dropouts again : Internet Explorer, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, scan for virusses … all together while Cubase6/7 playing an 15 track project … no glitches WOW.

I was SOOOO close to sell the MR and switch back to a PCIe soundcard (RME) and now very pleased again with my MR816CSX :laughing:


Please always check this knowledge base article if audio dropouts occur:

Correction of previous message:

The dropouts kept coming despite all taken ‘measures’. (grrrrrrr…^&(^@%^@) :imp:
They occurred a couple of times during recordings and it turned out that Cubase itself ran out of sync after dropouts.

At the end I decided to try a UR824 (USB2.0) and purchased one. (because of integration in Cubase = 100%)
Wow this is a great step forward in speed (reactions) and stability (rock solid), not one single problem/glitch in one week of many hours using it. Even my CC121 works smoother now. :slight_smile:

I wish I knew this earlier : USB2.0 works much better than FW.

My MR816CSX ? For Sale!