Audio dropouts

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I SEARCHED FORUMS AND DID NOT FIND…… I keep getting CPU spikes that create audio drop outs.

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CUBASE PRO 8.0.5 keeps spiking the CPU and causing audio drop outs.

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• 1. Create empty project
• 2. Add an audio track
• 3. Arm “record-enable” on track
• 4. Hit record button
• -> Result = crash

1 - Create a project
2 - Add an audio and or instrument track
3 - Arm record enable on track
4 - hit record button
5 - play back audio

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Mac Pro 3.0Hgz 8 core
OSX 10.9.2 CUBASE PRO 8.0.5 22GB ram SSD Operating system drive SSD sample libraries drive. 3 internal 7,200rpm audio drives

I HAVE A SESSION WITH 19 Audio tracks on it and a few plugins from BX Digital / Voxengo / and your plugins. I constantly get audio dropouts in which create the CPU spikes. Usually completely stopping playhead. VERY FRUSTRATING!!!

Any help appreciated

It doesn’t seem like an issue, since it’s not a bug that can be reproduced on every system. I believe there must be something left that still needs to be checked in your system in order to improve the VST performance. Please have a look here:

Edit: On Mac there is mostly no need to check the graphic drivers, but it would be interesting to know exactly which parameter on the VST Performance is showing the spikes. Is it the realtime peak or average load?

Hi, it’s both. I attached a photo

Hi, also I forgot to mention. Before anything even plays (before I push the play button) the vst performance meter is already showing like a 10% hit!!! And I’m not doing anything or running any program but Cubase Pro 8.0.5

My operating system is on a SSD. My sample libraries are on SSD’s. Audio is on a 7,200RPM internal drive. These performance hits just dont happen in other DAW’s that have been installed on this Mac.