Audio dropping out in Cubase 6- please help!

Hi there,

I’ve recently reformatted the pc with windows 7 64 bit and Cubase 6. There are serveral issues with it so far, the first one that I really need to sort out asap is the audio keeps on cutting out. When recording audio the other night (a female vocalist) the recording just stopped a couple of minutes in- (no other channells or plugins or open so no cpu usage) Lets just start with this as tomorrow I’m planning a big day of recording artists and really want it to work… :confused:

I’m running a Focusrite Safire pro 24 soundcard- 512 buffer size, 44.1khz sample rate if this helps. Latency is 12 and 14ms.

PC spec is quad core- 4gb Ram- should be pretty fast…

Any help is much appreciated.