Audio Drops Out // Quantizing Audio // Disc Cache Overload


i spent two WHOLE days triying everything possible and dont get to a point.

So: everytime when i use the quantize audio function (with audio warp).

  1. The audio drops out while playing the song back (disc cache overload clips) [just 1/8 or something like that]
  2. Realtime export abort cause of Disc cage overload
  3. The audio drops out just on the edited track when exporting in normal mode or render in place. [just 1/8 or something like that]

This happens even when i delete all other tracks.
Tested saving it on another Hard drive - same error. (export and/or project folder)

Everything works fine when i delete the edited track. ( Even in big projects >60 Tracks)

so i REALLY hope u guys got a solution … turning insane…