Audio drops slightly between two identical drum loops

Hello… I’m trying do more recording at home rather these days so having some teething problems!
I have a drum sample. I doubled the length of it by copying and pasting. Now when I play the track you can hear the audio dip/skip ever so slightly where the two samples join. They are the exact same sample so one should merge onto the other?

Thanks in advance!

Depends on how the drum loop was recorded/created. For example, if the volume fades a little over the duration of the loop, or if there’s a difference in fx treatment at the beginning and end, you could end up with what you’re hearing.

And it could also be caused if there’s some mix automation on that part of your track.

Sounds like the person who created sample put a short fade at the end the sample. If you layer another drum sample / percussion sample you won’t hear the fade.

Can you provide a screenshot? Maybe we can see something…