audio drops Windows 10 update Cubase 8.5

Yesterday I bought Cubase 8.5 and today I installed the update to Windows 10 and since today I have drop outs of my audio and distortion. While playback the audio stops for half a second and then continues or there is digital distortion. Has anyone experienced this as well?
Because of the updates I cannot say it is caused by the update of Windows, Cubase 8.5 or the UR12 driver.

I recently did a clean install of Windows 10 Pro (64-bit) and experienced stuttering and drop outs on Cubase 8.0 which was working OK previously on Windows 7 Pro (64 bit) . I used LatencyMon to trace the cause - which was my Ethernet card driver, despite using the latest driver for Windows 10 shown on my motherboard manufacturer site. A download of the latest driver from Intel resolved the issue completely.

I would recommend using LatencyMon to see what the issue is.


Problem solved itself: Microsoft released another update 2 days ago and now the UR12 is running smoothly again! I don’t know what was in the update but guess some magic happened.

I have similar problems. After updating from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and update from Cubase pro 8 to 8.5, I now have dropouts during playback. During recording, Cubase suddenly stops, Recording Error: Audio dropout detected (see attached picture) .
Have scanned your computer with LatencyMon and finds nothing wrong (Your System Appears to ask Suitable for documents real-time audio and other tasks without dropouts. LatencyMon HAS BEEN Analyzing your system for 00:02:08 (h: mm: ss) on all processor.)

My Settings under the Device Setup is set to 256 samples (see attached picture).
I have a Steinberg UR28M sound card.
Everything worked fine under Windows 7 and Cubase 8.0
Do you have any suggestions?
Best regards

My system: (note LatencyMon That describes my OS version as Windows 8)
OS Version: Windows 8, 6.2, build: 9200 (x64) (Strange writing)
Hardware: ASUSTeK Computer INC., P6T DELUXE V2
CPU Genuine Intel Intel ® Core ™ i7 CPU 950 @ 3.07GHz
Logical processors: 8
Processor groups: 1
RAM: 12279 MB total

Basically most of the issues I had with dropouts and crackles, had to do with the Intel NIC drivers. Installing the latest version of the Intel driver is not a guarantee for success; I have had issues with the latest drivers whilst a previous version worked without problems. Also my nVidia card made Latencymon go crazy. After installing the latest drivers, that also disappeared.
Installing the latest Windows 10 updates solved a lot of performance issues for me as well.

I am having a similar issue that I think may be related to Intel NIC drivers. Can you tell me which version you installed? I tried installing 20.7.1 and it didn’t look like it had the right date on the driver in control panel afterwards, it was will from around Windows 10 release date last year. I’m not even convinced the driver actually installed. It’s not high enough for LatencyMon to tell me my machine is unsuitable for real-time audio, but ndis.sys and netbt.sys seem to be the in the 200-300 microsecond range which seems really high for a network card. I am getting audio dropouts with only a single VSTi loaded and this is on a really powerful, brand new Xeon workstation.

I encounter regularly this kind of problem, after a Windows update and/or Cubase update.
The way to solve the problem for me : deactivate Asio-Guard !

I have the same problem. I’m running latencymon now, but everything looks good so far.

I have installed the latest windows 10 and Cubase 8 updates. I am now also experiencing problems opening up projects (waiting up to 20 minutes for a project to load, unless it just won’t load at all- task manager say Cubase 8 not responding)… (making a new thread about this now).