Audio Edited in RX10 Not playing in Nuendo (does play in Finder)

Hi, I edited some audio files in the stand alone version of RX10 and just hit save when I was done. The WAV files play in the finder but the Nuendo pool preview just shows a blank file and it won’t play in Nuendo. Hoping some one has a solution for this? It’s very strange I tried to find missing file in the pool but it’s not missing, it’s connected to the file, it just can’t read it.

UPDATE: I was able to open the files again in RX10 and if I Exported them instead of just hitting save those files play in Nuendo. Of course I lose my edits and I can somehow associate the old objects with the new files

Thanks for any help.

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RX has it’s own file format (.rxdoc) where it can save a whole session. That’s not the same as just the audio file. What you want to do is (1) save your file as an RX session so you can open it again to make further changes and (2) render/export it as a .wav (or your preferred format) file to be brought back into Nuendo. That is not that different than saving Nuendo sessions vs. exporting mixdowns form Nuendo as final deliverable.

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Thank you. That’s related to my issue but not exactly it. I had previously been able to just save the WAV file with the new edits and after a refresh Nuendo saw them. In this case the original WAV file was able to play in the finder, so the audio was still there, but Nuendo did not see it. Im guessing RX overwrote the header somehow.

The answer is to do an export. This makes it difficult when there already have been multiple edits in Nuendo. The answer I think is to just use the plug-in version of RX with Connect. I think that’s been functional since RX10.