Audio Editing / Chopping up drums

hey all.

still settling in to Cubase Elements 10.

I’m an Ex Logic Audio user, worked with that for years.

Have a quick question re Audio editing.

When i import an audio drum loop for example. How do I cut it up. I’ve tried the scissor tool - thats’ what i used to use on Logic. That would cut it, then you could in turn edit/open each individual segment then place and copy and make a loop out of the components I can’t seem to be able to do that in CE10. HELP ! ! ! !
the scissor tool does nothing !!

I stumbled on a way of cutting it up in the editor based on markers but then it was still connected and i could move a hi-hat or a snare out of it for example…

I’ve looked up tutorials but it’s not really helping. Wondering if anyone can shed light or point me to a great tutorial they’ve used.


Cubase tries to do the editing non-destructive. So if you make a cut by using the Split tool, you just set the Start and End markers, but you are still working with the whole file, in fact. The same is, if you resize the border of the event. So you can anytime get the rest of the event, you cut out before.

If you want to make a new file out of your cut, use Audio > Bounce Selection function.

ahh that’s interesting. I’d like it to be destructive lol.

Ok understand. So it’s a slightly different way of thinking. I might try using that bounce function to create seperate files. As I tried moving the “slices” around and it got really messy.

Appreciate the reply tho ! thanks