Audio editing: How to reduce the gain of a small event

Suppose I have a small audio region on a track, for instance one note, played to loud, and I want to reduce the gain of this precise event. I know it is a basic question but I don’t know how to formulate it and find the answer in the Help. Same question for more events, for instance one phrase.
Thank you for the help.

When your talking about midi events:

select the events in the midi editor → right above the grid editor should be an option for velocity.

Or alternatively open the controller lanes at the bottom of the midi editor, select the velocity lane and drag the line for the event up or down.

When talking about audio:

Cut at the part where the loud part is, cut it, select the part and either look at the top of the window for “Volume” or zoom to the middle of the part. there is a little square you can drag up and down.

Hi Robin,
Than k you so much. Your help was precious. There are very simple things to do in Cubase, but if you don’t know how to name them it’s difficult to find an answer in the Help.
It was Audio, so I did as you said. I cut a little sample around the event, I found the little square , .dragged down and it was done.
However when I continued to cut samples, I had one where I couldn’t find the little square. it just didn’t showed up. So I coudn’t process it.
HAve you any idea of what happened?
Then I took your other option ; “look at the top of the window for “Volume” . But I did not find this “volume”… Can you please tell me where it is.
Many thanks for your help.

This discussion might be informative

Hi Raino,
I could not identify the question because the Club Video is so long. However it seems to me that this macro does in essence what RobinHeinrich’s answered to my question. Cut the audio sample, reduce the volume, glue it back.

Not generally necessary.

You might also want to look into Audio Events vs. Audio Parts.

On audio, you can also use the pencil tool on the track to draw in the gain reduction. I started using this process a while back and it’s been my go to since I can avoid weird volume jumps in between. It’s like a gain automation by itself.

Hi Knappy,
This is exactly what I was looking for, but I didn’t find how to do it. Can you tell me what is the exact name of this procedure: “Graphical Gain Editing/control”?? Or something like that? And where to find it in the Cubase help?
Any good video training on that.
Thank you so much for the help.


Try this:

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