Audio editing still top notch?

Hi!I was kinda disaapointed with C4 and 5.The shiftpitch drawing envelope, playback preciseness,trimming audio slices were super good and i fell in love with them but that old algorythm of time stretching sucked for me, so i sold my C5 due the fact that i moved from pc to mac and so i gave a try with logic 9.

Flex tool was kinda ok but all other audio editing possibilities was awfully slow or didnt work as i liked them to.

So now as new quality algo’s are available im thinking of coming back to Q 6

Just wanna make sure, how’s Komplete 7 working through Cubase 6 on mac 10.6.6? Any troubles, crashes?

And shiftpitch audio edit still as good as in C5, any improvements maybe?

And guys at Steinberg!The most important thing is that you keep that mac support goin, that would just be disaster if in some time you should drop it.

It would be suicide to me, especially now as im gonna buy full pro version of Q6 :stuck_out_tongue: also i just dont wanna go back to pc.

Great job with the new GUI, i like!
all the best guys!