Audio Editor - Changeable Grid Type

Unless I’ve been missing something, you can’t really change the grid type inside the audio editor like you can on the main project window. In the main project window, you get options for changing the grid type to: Bar, Beat, Use Quantize, and Adapt to Zoom.

I’d just like this to apply to the audio editor as well. The main reason is that I’m often editing vocals (and non vocals) that are running triplets, but the audio editor grid never displays triplets! So I basically have to guess and check which wastes a lot of time.

This shouldn’t be a hard thing to implement… unless it’s already implemented, tucked away somewhere and I’m just missing it??

That’s the exact same thing I’m trying to do have you found it?

@thebabegrand this topic is a feature request.

Oh sorry I didn’t notice that, I’m still trying to get used to the new forum design…