Audio Editor Colors

I just started my 30 day trial of Cubase 10 Pro. Liking most of it so far.

How do you change the colors in the audio editor? The background is black and the events are dark grey. Is there a way to make the events white or at least lighter?

thanks, Dan


The color of the event follows the track color. Change the track color, please.

Not talking about the track or event colors. Talking about the “EDITOR” screen. When you click on an event to “EDIT” it. THAT screen is black with grey wave forms. Hard to see and “EDIT”. I looked in FAQ, I searched the forums.


In the Preferences > User Interface > Custom Color, you can change the colo of the Editor Area Background.

The color of the waveform is inherited from the track color.

Thanks! I’ve been on Cubase since 1992. I skip a few upgrades and proof! It’s a whole new layout and look.