Audio editor multi event visualisation

I found that my audio editor showing different timing of events than my main window. How is that possible and is there a way how to turn it off?

In attachement is picture showing “ducking” waveforms in main window, but lower zone with audio editor showing same audio events in same time of project differently. I would like to work with audio editor and see this same as in main window. IN early stage of this project it works, then "something happend ( between chair and computer) and its messed up.

It works pretty strange when You have these 2 events opened (and selected) an try to nudge them an also has selected use quantize ( for example 1/16) nudge will happend correctly but in this merge window You will see nudge of only one event. Maybe this caused my out of sync window from attachement, but I dont know.

Also function Show all selected Audio events work in some cases after nudge (?!).

If You have any workaround or advice how to smoothly works with multiple audio in one editor with correct display, it would be nice to share.


This is unknown issue, if the Audio event is cut from left and you use this multi-layer view.