Audio editor not showing all clips

The editor is not showing all clips even though “show all clips” is checked.


What is your expected result, please? I can see only one Event.

You are referring to events, I am referring to clips. I have more clips in there drums and a few audio tracks, I believe we should be able to switch between the clips from the menu. @Martin.Jirsak


It’s messed up, it only works with active clip and it treats events as clips. It should edit all clips on the playlist when edit all clips is activated.


Could you please describe the situation by words? What do you have? What do you do? What do you get? What would you expect instead?

It only shows active clip, it is not possible to edit multiple audio at the same time or select which audio clip to edit. @Martin.Jirsak

This enabled should show all audio clips from the playlist.

This function should edit all clips just like directly on the playlist after selecting multiple clips.

This is nothing new, I believe this is how it worked in previous versions.

Edit all Clips only shows data (AudioWarp markers, VariAudio segments, etc) for all selected Clips, it doesn’t mean you can edit Clip 1 and it will take effect on Clip 3 simultaneously.

Same as @Martin.Jirsak I don’t understand the purpose of your first video since you select only one single Event…

And yes, an Event is just a resized Clip, that’s why it is treated as such in the Sample Editor.
If you split one single Event into multiple smaller Events, they will all share the same Clip (see the Clip as the audio file), and these smaller Events created from splits can be resized to recover their original length, since they indeed share the same Clip.


Here you can read, what is the Edit All Clips good for. And the use case is described here.