Audio Editor Shift-End Cursor Position

Hello - Wavelab Pro 11.1: Audio File Editor - Shift-End correctly selects the portion of the file from the cursor to the end of the file, but changes cursor focus to the end of the file. Is there a way to make the focus stay at the cursor at the point in the file where I was when clicking Shift-End? (Been using Wavelab since v1.2 but this is my first forum post - so apologies if I’m not providing enough info or if this isn’t the place to ask this type of question.) Thanks!


On Mac key command / shortcut
Option + [ jump to Start of Selection
Option + ] jump to End of Selection

Have you tried “Range Selection Dialog”

and maybe try with temporary Markers
to jump between/inside Selection ?

regards S-EH


Thanks for the help! I should have been more specific - operating system is Windows 11. It requires an extra click that didn’t use to be needed, but this should work. Thanks again!