Audio editor

Hi. I’m new here but a very long time cubase user and have just got Cubasis 3 for iPad.

I have a question about the audio editors however.

Firstly, the select tool baffles me. When I doubly click an audio part it opens the wave editor, but actually selecting short sections within it seems inconsistent. Sometimes it can select small parts, others times a square appears and disappears. What am I doing wrong?

Secondly, once I have the section of audio highlighted, I can’t see how to silence that section. Fade in and out options are there but no silencing. I don’t want to erase it or cut it.

Thirdly, once a process has completed, it zooms back out to full length which isn’t helpful if I’m editing specific sections of audio. Is there a way to compete the process but leave that section highlighted an zoomed in so that I can either do further processing to that exact area, or move the cursor to process adjacent sections?

Maybe this isn’t possible on iPad but the types of things I tend to work on when using cubase on a computer would be really useful on the iPad.

Many thanks on advance.

Hi Lositom

For what its worth, I always found the audio editor in C2 difficult to use and although I haven’t explored it fully yet, the one in C3 looks the very similar. Trying to edit a small section of a much longer sample is always going to be a challenge in any DAW on a tablet I think. It might work better if Cubasis allowed you to work on clips that have been cut from the original sample and treat them as independant samples, but as far as I know it doesn’t.

I prefer to use the split and mute options on the main screen to silence sections and to create fades using the drag boxes inside a selected clip. You can zoom in surprisingly well just by pinching and stretching a clip, the screen size options in Setup can be useful as well.

Just my opinion based on my own preferences. Hope it helps.



Hi Dobit,

That sounds like a good way to do it. Many thanks. It should ultimately give the same outcome. But as you say, perhaps I shouldn’t expect quite so much detail from a tablet. But we shall see!