Audio Engine Blues Again

I’m experiencing bizarre problem with Dorico Audio.
Up to now, 3 projects worked OK (i.e. playing them was delivering hearable audio)
All these projects are jazz tunes, i.e. one flow and no more than a few ten bars, 2 printed pages,

As I wanted to have a countin at the beginning of each, anf after a forum search I found a thread suggesting to use 2 flows, one for the countin, and the second one for the tune itself

Nice workaround, but how complicated vs. other products in which you just set an option ! But I reckon that can be useful to explicitly play the tune with a specific intro, well separated from the tune body. Anyway, that’s not what I’m willing to address here.

I then modified the .dorico file of a tune to add the first flow, simply copying in it 2 bars from the drum part. Also added 2 instrument channels, so I could select which one would be used to play the chords (piano, jazz organ, ,)

But then, I can’t get any audio out when playing the tune. I can see the cursor and the instrument activity in the various windows (play screen, mixer …).

The weird thing is that under task manager I can’t see the VST engine as it’s the case for the other unmodified project, but just three lines

Dorico (3)
Protected Object Server // instead of the VST audioengine
Compo Yann … Score #1 - BDF

No idea of what I did to lead to that situation.
Of course I won’t modify the 2 other scores before this one works OK.

Another question I have is that I couldn’t find the option to play flows with zero delay in between as suggested in the forum message related with countins.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Not sure I did the right thing to attach the diagnostic report, as I didn’t see a icon to perform that. I just clicked and moved the desktop iconfor the Diagnostics Report into this space.

Dorico (414.4 KB)

Hi, thanks for the data. At first glance I could not find anything unusual.
Currently you are set up to play audio out via Analog 7/8 of your Fireface. Is that correct and what you expect?
And could you please send the corresponding project file to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’? Full confidentiality guaranteed from my side.


Thanks for the replies.

Yes audio output goes to the headphone channel of my Fireface UC audio device. Same for the other 2 projects for which I get the audio OK to the headphone.
Sending the .dorico file. Thanks for the help.

Quick update: Audio was mute because of an empty slot in HALion Sonic SE being soloed.