Audio Engine Blues and general weirdness

all up to date, so it says.

I get ya. Before I got the Volt, I bought a PreSonus, and that thing took my Windows 11 to System Restore. Twice. Not to mention that the input gain was disappointing, so back it went. So glad-I am really happy with the way the Volt is laid out without working my way through a confusing software routing system, as was the case with my old Focusrite interface.

I did not want to say that Pianoteq is bad or necessarily the culprit, but it also could be. But from what I read now, I also more believe it is a driver issue.
On the other hand, what is so confusing, that there are no proper crash dump files that could give some further hint on what is going on. That’s why I also don’t really know what to suggest next.
Well, one thing: Please get the free utility Process Explorer, it’s similar to Task Manager, only more powerful. Then try to reproduce your issue. When it happens look with Process Explorer for the Dorico.exe and VSTAudioEngine5.exe, are they in the process list (pretty much at the end)? What status are they in?
If ‘not responding’, do a right-click on them and choose ‘Create mini dump’ from the pop-up menu.
The corresponding dump files please zip up and post here. Thanks very much.