Audio Engine crahes - Windows 10

Hi all,

I’m new at Dorico and a little bit frustrated… My Audio Engine crahes again and again while working with the program. I use a Behringer UMC202HD Audio Interface with its ASIO driver. The crashes also come with the onboard soundcard and the “Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver”. Can anyone please help me?

PC Specs:

Intel I7 4790K, 16GB
Windows 10 Pro 20H2 Build 19042.685
Dorico Pro
->Audio Engine
Behringer UMC202HD
->UMC ASIO driver 4.59.0

I already zipped the Dumpfiles and made a screenshot with the error message, but new users can not upload attachments…



P.S. Sorry, I tried to find something with the seach-function, but all links don’t work anymore since the new design. And sorry again for my english. Is there a german Dorico community, too? :wink:

Hallo Chris, bitte schicke mir die crash dumps an ‘u punkt stoermer at steinberg punkt de’. Falls es zu gross sein sollte, bitte nutze doch DropBox (oder aehnlichen Service) und schicke mir den entsprechenden Link. Danke, Ulf