"Audio Engine Crashed"

When using the VST HALion sounds included with Dorico, after playing a project through one time something funky happens with the audio. The second time I try to play this, I’m met with a very raspy sound. When I try to restart Dorico, sometimes it works just fine but other times I’m met with “Audio Engine Crashed” on the boot up screen. Either way when I restart it, the problem isn’t fixed. Is this a common problem? Is there any known way to fix it?

Hi Ian, please do ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’ and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

see this videoà

Hi Laurent, thanks very much for that video. In some cases the given advice might suffice, but there are also cases where it won’t help. So the solution to the problem is not always as simple as your video suggests.

Dorico Diagnostics.zip (408.1 KB)

Thanks for the data, Ian.
It looks like you are getting the ‘audio engine died’ issue because of the known problem of too quickly relaunching Dorico. So if you shut down Dorico, wait for a couple of seconds before relaunching it, then it shall be fine.
Regarding the raspy sound, I could not see anything unusual in the logs. Is that consistently reproducible with you. Could you please make a short video with a smart phone, so that I can get an impression of the kind of ‘noise’ it is making. Also please write down roughly them time it happens and also create a new diagnostics report then. Thank you very much.

Okay so yesterday, I was working on a composition and the audio went out entirely. I switched the audio output device and I haven’t had the problem since then. I’m still not entirely sure what happened but I’m glad it’s fixed. Thanks for your help!