Audio Engine dead or dies..


I knew i should have done it but im a sucker for having the last thing so i upgraded to C10.

Was i a little suprized that i could open old projects and all seemed to work just fine. Loved it really… Not things aint that fun any more.

For some reason Cubase kills the audio engine after a few minutes or pretty much right away. NO crash or anything just no sound. Next time a start no sound at all… opening one more time i can sounds for a few minutes or seconds before killing it. Cubase dont give me any erro but Superior drummer tells me the audio engine has died. I may also add that one it lose the engine i can quit cubase without doing it from the task manager.

I read that same thing happend to a few with Dorico and they got the suggestion that i could be jBridge that somehow killed the engine. But its no difference if i use it or not. even uninstalled it without any better perfomance. So feeling blind here on what to do or try next since i haven’t been able to find anyone else with similar problems here.

Specs as follows:

Windows 10
cpu: i9 9900K
ram: 64gb
GPU: GeForce GTX 2070
RME Fireface 802

While stumbling over this problem i have updated all driver and even an BIOS update but nothing changed so i dont think its my machine that is doing something wrong here, atleast not the hardware.

I guess im back to trail and error after some years with all working like a charm… Damn, wanna go back to make music and not sit with this again…

Someone have any ideas on what to do here?

Happened to me right now. Audio meters look fine, everything seems normal, except no audio.

Tried resetting from Studio Setup, nothing changes. Have to quit and restart. (No JBridge here.)

9.5 was rock solid for me. Not a single thing went wrong.

My reason was because of a plugin : Ozone 8 Dynamic EQ

I am paying monthly for the Ozone package to Splice, and the plugin gets licence info from Splice’s desktop app, which was not loaded. When the licence wasn’t found, Ozone silenced audio. (and it was at the main output) Yes, no message popup, nothing, just cuts audio like that!

Maybe you have a similar issue? A plugin at the end that’s causing such a thing?

No… nothing like that since as i said, the audio engine dies… Dont have any rentals and have already tired to remove everything on all channels after it dies. it plays but there is no activity on the channels like in your case.