Audio engine died - Meteor Lake Intel CPU

Hi everyone! I’m from Australia and studying in my final year of high school and purchased Dorico for a school project.

From the latest articles compatibility with Meteor Lake CPUs has been flagged.

No mention of Dorico in that notification but I suspect I have the same problem. I have Elements 5 which I purchased for a school project but I am getting the Audio Engine Died notification on attempted start up. Have tried rebooting, and finding VSTAudio processes with no success.

Laptop is the HP Spectre x360 with meteor lake ultra 7 155H. School starts again in 1 week (in Australia) so hoping there is a fix soon. I have attached the crash logs which were auto generated. Hoping it helps with troubleshooting. It worked on my older i7 Dell XPS 13 when purchased 3 weeks ago during the school holidays.

Groove agent loads with no problems.

Thank you! (2.2 MB)


On Windows you should not need to reboot your PC. Just run task manager and end any Dorico or VSTAudioEngine process. Wait a few seconds. Then relaunch Dorico.

In my experience the VSTAudioEngine hang is usually caused by 3rd party plugins - Kontakt appears to be a habitual offender!

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Hi @Elizabeth_Nguyen, also welcome from me.
This is an interesting one and we had a similar case before. When the audio engine starts up, first thing it tries to detect is the processor type. Depending on the outcome we can run different code paths and thereby get optimized performance.
Now, I can’t promise anything, but I hope we can fix it as easily as we did the last time in this area. I will talk tomorrow to other engineers, let’s see.

@Ulf @Janus Thanks for the welcome! Hopefully we can make something work

The responsible engineer just let me know, that yes, we can fix it, but it is not going to become as easy as the other bug that we had in this area. Accordingly it will take some time, in fact we cannot even say how my time., but we are working on it.
Is there maybe a way of how you can work around this issue in the meantime?
We apologize for all the inconvenience this is causing you.

Yes, I can temporarily work on my project in another program for now I think. Thank you for having a look at it! Hopefully it can be solved soon

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