Audio Engine dies on launch

Dorico is hanging on launch for me. The splash screen (very attractive BTW) displays a message in the bottom left corner that says something like- Audio Engine Died- necessitating a force quit. Any ideas, Steinberg? Thanks!

Uh, that’s bad and sad to hear the audio engine crashing at start.

Do you have a crash report for it? Please also have a look in the Console application.
Further, could you please post the log files of the audio engine.

Open a Terminal and type

open $TMPDIR/VSTAudioEngine

This should open a Finder window where you can find one or more log text files.
Please zip them up and post here.

Thanks for your reply. The log files are completely empty and now Cubase won’t launch either!

At the risk of stating the obvious, have you rebooted your machine?

It never hurts to ask, but, yes I have. Several times.

Same problem, or similar problem.
Audio engine works for a couple of minutes and crashes (even if I don’t press play).
No crash logs.

Still not working. Nothing in the log. I guess I’ll look to see how to uninstall and try again!

Cubase is now launching at least.

Sorry for asking so basic and obivous: You do have a Dorico license, yes?

Then further: There are no log files of the audio engine, or there are log files and they are just empty?

How about crash reports in the Console application? Normally, when an application crashes, the OS will show you the crash reports straight away, but because the audio engine is a background process without any UI, such crash report might not get shown, but normally it is logged somewhere and can be retrieved via the Console application. Do you know the Console and how to open it? If so, can you please have a look there under ‘Diagnostic Reports’ (I think it’s named that way, I currently don’t have a Mac at my fingertips)?

Thanks for clarifying.

That’s very mysterious that it’s not generating any log files. That perhaps suggests that something is causing the audio engine to die before it even starts up. Could you try running the attached cleanup script that may help to restore things back to a ‘first run’ state? (it just kills any remaining audio engine processes and clears the ~/Library/Application Data/Steinberg/Dorico and VSTAudioEngine folders)
cleanup_prefs_and_engine (469 Bytes)

Any case of having lack of proper Dorico product license would not allow the splash screen to be shown up. Instead, another window will come up prompting the lack of license.

Yes, I have a license. I’ll try the cleanup procedure.

I’ll take a look in Console.