Audio Engine Error

When I try to use my M -Audio Ozone with Cubase 4, I get this message Audio Engine Error. Could not Activate ASIO Driver M-Audio Ozone (at Device Setup, VST Audio System). It has always worked before and is working now with the internet, itunes etc, just not Cubase.
I have made sure the sample rates/ bit rates match. I have also reinstalled the driver a few times. The Roland Duo-capture Ex that I use for recording audio is fine but I need to record midi using the Ozone.

It turns out I can record midi (with the Ozone keyboard) using the DirectX Full Duplex ASIO driver that comes with Cubase 4.I would still like to know why the Ozone driver (latest available) will not operate (nor record audio). After re-installing Cubase it now says that Ozone driver cannot be initialized.