Audio Engine goes - "Nope"

Just wanted to report (running on Windows 11) that for me the VST engine appears to just die occasionally (but too regularly for comfort) during playback of a score. I will have been working for a while and then… poof… halfway through playback of a score… I’m not saying it is necessarily the audio engine at fault, but I don’t find the audio engine in the task list afterwards. I thought I’d make the report and post the diagnostics.

It is the usual 4m diagnostic file, so I’m emailing it to Ulf -and wow, what a privilege to be allowed to do that.

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Hi @gdball , thanks for the data. It is Opus that is crashing with you.

That tracks. As I think about it, I got an Opus update recently. I will go verify its cpu/memory etc settings and see what else may be at issue. Thank you for the quick reply.

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