Audio Engine hanging every time

I’m hoping one of you can help take a look at my spindump to figure out what is happening!
My current problem has to do with the virtual audio engine overloading my computer. I’ve tried to put in a silence playback template but it does not help. When I do, my keyboard midi controller stops reading on dorico. I have a suspicion that despite clearing the playback, the audio engine still hanged. Here’s my spindump of both the audio engine and dorico3. How can I fix it? I’ve tried finding the vst folder and renaming it. The only thing is, my vst folder at /audio/plugins are empty. Not sure why that is, maybe I moved the default location? So frustrating to have force quit the entire day. Please help! (965 KB)

Here’s dorico sample process while it hanged as I tried to save.
Sample of Dorico while (27.5 KB)

Hi, could you please first be a little more specific about your problem? Because crashing and hanging are technically two complete different things. When interpret it correctly, then while saving a project file Dorico and the audio engine become unresponsive (aka hanging). Is that correct? Otherwise please describe in more detail what you are doing, resp. what is happening.
The spin dump of the audio engine shows that it is spending most of the time in BBC Symphonic Orchestra, which suggests that it is hanging in there. 1 or 2 more spindumps from a later time could prove this. But you also say, that you switched to the silent template and still the same hanging occurs. Could you provide 2 or 3 spindumps of that occasion as well?
And a diagnostics report would also be nice (Help > Create Diagnostics Report, which creates silently a zip file on your desktop).
Instead of attaching all the data here, you could also send it directly to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’. Thanks