Audio Engine Inactive

Hi there.

In v10.0.20, I create a MIDI track with no instrument attached. I press Start and the cursor moves instantly. If I click on the MIDI track and immediately press Start, the cursor waits at least one second before starting. This does not happen in the v9.5.21 on the same PC. :frowning:

If I assign a EZDrummer instance to the MIDI track, click on the track, EZD shows a message “Audio Engine Inactive. Check you audio engine” for one second or two. :exclamation:

Any suggestion ?

Thanks !

Just a thought…
Using a Instrument track (not midi track) with a VSTi (like EZD) should work better.

Regards. :sunglasses:

The message from EZD is the same with a Instrument Track. Also, the lag is noticeable even with only an empty MIDI track.

I’m seeing really weird behaviour as well with EzDrummer 2 and Cubase 10 and getting the same “audio engine inactive” message but for different reasons…

If I’m playing a loop within EZD2 and go to use almost any functions within Cubase (e.g. select an audio insert), playback within EZD2 stops and the “audio engine inactive” message flickers before in the EZD2 GUI. I can’t recreate the error in Ableton where EZD2 works fine. I’ve reached out to Toontrack support as well, but no luck finding a solution yet.