Audio Engine Process Died - Dorico Pro 5

I’m having a similar issue as others in this forum, (Dorico freezes during startup) but the fixes that have worked for others have not worked for me. Here are details in brief:

  • Upgraded from Dorico 1 to Dorico two days ago, have not been able to get Dorico 5 to start up.
  • Installed via SDA, didn’t work. re-installed. Didnt work. Uninstalled, then re-downloaded a second time and re-installed. Still doesn’t work.
  • MacBook Pro 2017 Running OS Ventura 13.5.2
  • Have looked for the famous “Groove Agent” but it was not located in the target folder, (either in the root Library or the user Library) so there was nothing to delete, despite having installed Groove Agent SE 5 during original installation.
  • Uninstalled Groove Agent SE using the uninstaller in the disk image, no change.
  • Multiple computer reboots, no change.
  • Also removed the Melodyne file that fixed it for one other user. Still no luck.

What am I missing?

Dorico 1 is still installed, in case that helps.


Downloaded the diagnostic shell script from Ulf’s reply to talltowermusic.

attached. (131.1 KB)

Hi @foreverhis , welcome to the forum.

Thanks for the data and contained are plenty of crash files from the audio engine.
First thing one notices is, all crashes look identical. Next thing, the crashes are not in the audio engine itself but in HALion Sonic SE.
The interesting part comes now, namely your HALion Sonic SE version is 2.0. That is such an old version. See, we ship Dorico nowadays with HSSE version 7. I don’t even think that we’ve shipped Dorico 1 with such an old HSSE. So please run the Steinberg Download Assistance again, go to the Dorico 5 section and download and install the second listed item (HALion Sonic 7.0.10 Instrument).

Thanks Ulf!

HSSE version 7 was installed, but apparently did not overwrite the old version. I deleted the old version from the Components folder and re-installed HSSE 7 and Groove Agent yet again. Program launched successfully for the first time.

Thank you so much for the prompt support!

You are more than welcome :smiley: