Audio engine process died error message


Just upgraded from Dorico 3.5 to 4 today, and upon installation, Dorico will not start at all. it just says, “Audio engine process died.” Every single time. Not sure what to do. My mac is completely up to date. I’ve tried reinstalling the Dorico installer multiple times and running it. I’ve restarted my computer. I have no external devices running. Please help!

Not sure it helps, but open your mac Activity monitoring (cmd-u in the finder to open Utilities), and make sure both Dotico and VST engine are both closed, and if they aren’t, kill them (there’s a button to force-quit processes there). Then start your installation again.

Could not find anything in activity monitoring with those names, but thank you anyway

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That’s probably because they were not running anymore. So it excludes that problem, which is already something ^^

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Hi @Sam4 , please follow the instructions from this posting. I need to see the diagnostics before giving further advice. Thanks

Sure thing, how’s this? (348.2 KB)

Okay, thank you for the data. The problem is an old Groove Agent SE plug-in.
Please have a look under /Library/Application Support/Steinberg (and all subfolders) and move that to the bin. Then Dorico shall start normally.

I can’t find anything in that folder named Groove Agent, I even just took everything out of that Steinberg folder and Dorico still won’t start (299.8 KB)
In case you need to look again, but I even went into the Steinberg Library Manager and I don’t have any Groove Agent downloads

Sam, I suspect you’re not looking in the right place. In the Finder, choose Go > Go To Folder and in the little pop-up that appears, copy and paste the following:

/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Components

Be sure to include the leading slash. Click Go and you’ll be taken to the right spot. In there you should see a Groove Agent component. Drag it out of that folder, e.g. to the desktop, and then run Dorico again.

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Ah, got it. Thank you both so much. That got it working. You saved me!

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