"Audio engine process died"

When I first open Dorico 5 after a reboot, the audio stutters badly. I already replaced my ASIO driver, which mostly remedied that issue, most of the time. However, I just exited Dorico and re-launched it, hoping to skip a full system reboot. It failed part-way with the error “Audio engine process died”. There is no provision to retry or exit. I must reboot my PC. Interestingly, Dorico does not appear in the Task Manager. I’m on Windows 11.
I arrange for a jazz octet, so there are multiple voices, some playing chords.

Welcome. To get a definitive answer create a diagnostics file (Help>Create Diagnostics Report) and upload the resulting zip file here so that one of the dev team can take a look at what’s happening.

Does VSTAudioEngine appear? If so kill it.

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When quitting Dorico, sometimes the audio engine takes a few seconds longer to terminate properly. Rather than re-launching Dorico basically straight away, it is worth waiting for an extra 5 to 10 seconds.

Hi @jrandall ,
as Janus already mentioned, please post a diagnostics report here (Help > Create Diagnostics Report)
And also as Steven mentions, have a look for the background process called VSTAudioEngine. If that one is already around (or still around from a previous run) then Dorico can’t connect to it any more and will react like that.
But interesting is also the stuttering audio after reboot, so definitely, please create a diagnostics report. Thanks