Audio engine process dies

JMT is set now, it was an old GrooveAgent component again that crashed Dorico.

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Let’s try again.

  1. Click here to download the zip file containing Ulf’s script.
  2. Open a new Finder window, and click Downloads in the sidebar.
  3. You should see the zip file in the Downloads folder.
  4. Double-click the zip file to expand it. You will now see an additional file in the Downloads folder,
  5. Using Spotlight (shortcut Command-Space) open the Terminal. (Type term and hit Return to launch the Terminal.)
  6. In the Terminal window, type chmod +x followed by a space, then drag and drop the file from the Downloads folder into the Terminal window. It should look like this:

  1. Now hit Return. There should be no output returned. This command simply makes the script you’ve downloaded executable, so it can be run.
  2. Now type cd Downloads and hit Return.
  3. Now type ./ and hit Return. You should see some output, like this:

  1. Have a look in the Desktop folder, and you’ll see a new zip file called has been created. Upload that zip file here.
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@dspreadbury , thanks for your effort, but I helped JMT already in a remote session, and he is up and running now. But leave your posting as a guidance for Helen.


Thanks Ulf! I appreciate what you’ve done to get me up and running. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

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Thank you Ulf! Please see attached, I think this is correct. Helen (230.2 KB)

Thank you! I’ve managed to send a report for Ulf now.

Hi Helen, thank you for the data. I took a very quick look at the crash files and it appears to be the exactly same issue as what JMT had.
So , on your harddisk under /Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Components is a bundle called ‘Groove Agent SE.vst3’. The trick now is, to make that bundle invisible for Dorico and you achieve this by simply moving it out from that location to e.g. the Desktop folder.
Once you moved Groove Agent SE out of that folder, try again to start Dorico. It will still take a bit of time because still all the plug-in scanning will take place, but the next launch will be much faster.
Anyhow, getting rid of GASE is the key to success in your case as well, I think. Please try it out.

Thank you! Yes, that did work and I now have one of my 3.5 projects open. All seems ok. It did take a little while as I have 7 billion plugins but that’s to be expected the first time scanning everything.
Really appreciate all your help, especially on the weekend!
thanks again, Helen

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Hi @HelenS, I’m glad to hear that you are up and running now. And you see, I did not promise too much in the beginning. I just needed those diagnostics to help you. Have fun with Dorico now :grinning:

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Hello Ulf!
I purchased Dorico 5 last night here in the US. I was on tech support for close to two hours this morning. Most of that time was typing back and forth because it was a Chat connection. The tech guy finally gave up. Before he hung up, he instructed me on how to send him a diagnosis file of the crashes. I did that and now he’s gone and said he would send instructions back to me as to how to fix it all. He had me put all kinds of files on my desktop. Most are still there.

As a result of the Chat connection, the issues you fixed a couple of days ago are messed up and no longer work, Version 4, nor Version 3.5 will work. I am confused. I need help. Can I call on you again? Nothing is working. I’m afraid to install on my other two computers. Is there a time we can talk. My wife is going to take me to lunch to relax me a bit. I’ll be back in about an hour and a half. Please Advise. If yo!u have a little time today, I’d really appreciate your help


Hi @JMT53, see my private message to you.

So far I’ve tried all listed solutions in the post and even reinstalled Windows. Still no dice. In my case, the program went straight into the error in question and hasn’t loaded properly even once.

Hi @BrunoDSL , are you on Win or Mac and which version does not work for you Dorico 4 or 5?
Depending on your answer I can send you some little script that will gather some diagnostics data and seeing those data I can give further advice.

Hi @Ulf ,
on my old Laptop, Dorico 5 refused to start even once due to that “Audio engine process died” error. I’ve used that bat-file in this thread, having changed “Dorico 4” to “Dorico 5” in line 6 and 7 (see attached DiagnosticsReport-file).
In my case, there is no need to find to quick solution, as I’ve reinstalled Dorico 4, which still runs fine and I’m away for the next few days anyway.
Thank you very much for your efforts! (134.6 KB)

Windows 10. Version 5 is the one which doesn’t work.

Hi @Matzix , at first sight, your problem appears to me to be the same as what is discussed in this thread. There is no solution to it, yet, but from an engineering point of view, we are making progress, but it could turn out that we need a hotfix release, but we have to see.

Hi @BrunoDSL , thanks for the info. Then please download and unzip the attached file which contains a batch script. Double click that file and after a few seconds on your Desktop a new file called should appear. Please attach that to a reply here. Thank you (813 Bytes)

What I got after running the batch script was not a zip file, but two folders. One created at the place I extracted the batch script which has nothing and one at my Desktop called “DoricoTempInfo,” which has all sorts of logs and files. I presume this is the “zip” file you’re looking for? (122.8 KB)

Hi @BrunoDSL , I’m very sorry, due to the high traffic in the forum recently, I did not pay enough attention and forgot about your case, I sincerely apologies.
Please tell me, could you get Dorico 5 to launch in the meantime? I think I could give you something that fixes the issue.

Changing the VST Sound Engine to a new version happened to fix the issue.