Audio Engine quits working

Every so often audio quits working in Cubase, despite switching drivers, reset audio engine etc.

Has anyone experienced this?


What tasks do you do, when this happens?

This time it happened when i selected an audio track. I then went to Devices and switched the ASIO driver to No Driver, and Cubase froze.

Happened again when I selected the same audio track. Cubase 9 audio engine instantly fails, and Kontakt instruments do not show that they are outputting sound when clicking keys. This time I had Cubase 7 running in the background running off the same ASIO driver and it still runs fine, Kontakt and other VSTs also run fine in CB7. Some sort of internal crash inside CB9.


Could you try to increase the Buffer Size, please?

Yep, buffer size has no effect. Each time this happens, hitting reset on the engine results in a spinning wheel of doom. It’s a tiny session too, about 32 tracks.

Seems to be specific to Cubase 9.

+1 on this, I’ve had lots of complete audio shutdowns. Usually on busy projects, but the audio will just ‘give up’.

Transport will still function, cubase will not crash, but VU meters show no activity and cubase refuses to render audio until it is shut down and reset.

Seems quite a recent thing.

What is causing this??

This happens to me when I have a large project open, with ASIOguard enabled, and I simply select another instrument or midi track.

Countless times now, in a working project, selecting a track will permanently mute Cubase’s audio output for the whole session. It will still play back visually, but no events or audio are triggered. The whole audio bus goes down.

After this, the only fix is to close and reload the project. Cubase is unresponsive so has to be force closed and restarted.

What’s going on here? Is it something to do with processing overloads not being calculated properly on ASIOguard?

I’ve had something similar. Basically no sound out of nowhere. I worked out it seemed to come back if I turned off my master buss plug ins.