Audio Engine repeatedly fails to load

A lot of the time I open Dorico, the audio engine fails to load and I cannot open the program. I do not know why, usually when I shut down all dorico processes in task manager, the program then works, or sometimes simply reopening it is also sufficient. It is just a bit of a tedious process and would be great if it worked everyime. Also, sometimes during playback, certain parts or notes do not play and this also cannot be fixed unless I restart Dorico. I have attached my diagnostics report, would be great if anyone could make sense of this.
Dorico (817.4 KB)

Hi @hcerj, thanks for the diagnostics.
From the audio engine logs, I can see that quite a few of them are incomplete which means that the audio engine either crashed or is deadlocked somehow.
On the other hand, in the diagnostics no crash files are contained, so we have to find out what the audio engine process is doing.
Unfortunately TaskManager is a bit unreliable in terms of background processes, therefore I’m asking you to download the free utility ProcessExplorer. It’s really tiny and I’d like you to run procexp64.exe in parallel to Dorico. If the strange behaviour occurs again, turn to ProcessExplorer and have a look for a process called VSTAudioEngine5.exe. On the right top of ProcessExplorer where is says ‘’ you can enter the letters vst. Is the VSTAudioEngine5 still listed. If so, then please do a right click on the VSTAudioEngine5.exe item and choose from the pop-up menu Create > Create Mini Dump. Follow the instruction on screen and then send me the corresponding dump file to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de
And if the audio engine process is not listed at all any more, then the process crashed. In that case I need crash dump files but they apparently don’t get created, therefore please follow the advice as been given by Joerg in this posting.

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