Audio engine stops creating tracks!

Hi everyone, i create ambient , drone synth music. Long reverbs , long delay times etc…
Is very annoying when i need to create a new track or new send effect that the audio engine stops and interrupts the audio buffers with reverb. Is there a way of avoiding this? I like to keep the session running while manipulating and creating new things, this is a bit disturbing.
Thank you

Gapless audio engine has been requested for a long time.
Here’s a feature request from 2018 with 80+ votes:

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Thanks @mlindeb .
I believe its how Cubase is “built” . Pro tools is the same. There should be some kind of extra buffer to prevent that from happening.

I fully agree.
It’s been a few years since I used PT, but I thought I read that they finally got gapless audio(?), but I could be wrong. I do think at this point in time Steinberg is among the few that has not yet addressed this issue.

(Edit: Continuous playback was introduced in PT 2019)


I recently got Bitwig, its amazing how it runs so smooth . The audio engine doesn´t stop never, loading insert FX, chains, recording audio, always on play! Amazing work. Completely !

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