Audio engine: Waiting for connection Bug with Vsl plug!

Vsl suite plugin as insert in master and close dorico produce a bug when re-open Dorico:
Audio engine: Waiting for connection !!

The Bug is:
when closing dorico with a VSl audio suite plugin in an insert,the VSTAudioEngine3.exe is not stopped.

My solution :
I made a kill_audioEngineVst.bat
with this inside:
TSKILL VSTAudioEngine3
So everytime I want to re-open Dorico I click before on my batch file

I post this Topic to help other if they have same problem
best regards

Hi Dup, is that with any VSL effect plug-in or only certain ones? Have you been already in contact about this with our friends from VSL?
I would like to get to the bottom of this. When you close Dorico and the audio engine continues running, could you please open TaskManager and create a mini dump file of the VSTAudioEngine process? Many thanks