Audio EQ handles - out of control

Have you guys noticed that when adjusting the EQ Band ‘Q-factor’ on an audio track the sliding handles you grab do not move in sync with the mouse pointer! It takes almost three attempts at click and drag to move the Q-factor one for instance all the way to the left, the sliders for the Band ‘Gain’ and ‘Frequency’ are not much better, very fiddley and do not stay level with the mouse pointer. Is this normal behaviour? I don’t remember it in earlier versions of Cubase, vs only 9 and 10!?



The position is relative. So if you click out of the slider head and move your Mose left/right, the movement is relative. The value doesn’t jump to the cursor at first.

You would probably expect the jump, because of Editing > Controls > Slider Mode > Jump settings in the preferences., right?

Reported to Steinberg.

Tired all those settings and different combinations but they have no effect. Sliders are still out of control, needs a fix.


From my observation, the sliders are set to Relative Slider Mode in the EQ, independent on the Preferences settings.

I reported this to Steinberg. Btw, the knobs are working as expected and they respect the Preferences settings.