Audio Event Fade-Out 'locked' on zero (Cubase 10.0.50)

Suddenly and out of the blue, when I attempt to perform an audio fade-out using the handle on the top-right of the audio, it appears to be locked on zero and won’t allow me to perform the action. It is the same if attempt to enter the fade numerically into the setup info line - the value remains locked on zero. I have no problems whatsoever with Fade-In.

I have tried bouncing, rendering in place, starting in safe mode, using different files, different audio, etc. but nothing seems to work and I cannot find a solution anywhere.

Urgent help is greatly appreciated, thank you.


Hi and welcome to the forum,

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode or even rename/remove the whole Cubase preferences folder, please?

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your suggestions. I’ve tried them but but to no avail, unfotunately.