Audio event..old and new name displayed

I must be suffering memory loss after too much Black Friday shopping! :slight_smile: Today I was recording audio in Cubase 9.5 for the first time, have encountered something I don’t recall seeing before, and don’t know how to change it.
Example: I record an audio event on a track named “Recording”. I then want to change the name of the resulting audio event to “Acoustic Guitar” and so I select the event and change the name on the info bar. But now the event is showing “Recording 01 (Acoustic Guitar)” Previously I’d just see the new name. Question: How do I get rid of the old name in an audio event and just see the new one? In other words, how do I stop Cubase from showing the old name every time I create a new one. I can’t recall how to do that. I looked through Preferences but didn’t see where to change it. Any hint/tip you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

If you look on the info line, it actually says, “file”. If you change the name there, you are actually changing the name of the clip (which is in parenthesis). You can change the name of the event in the Media Pool. I am not sure about just showing the event name or clip name, but it does it in Cubase 9 that way also.

Thanks for your reply; much appreciated. Have to disagree with one thing you mentioned though. No, it doesn’t do that in my version of Cubase 9 and never has, and it never has in previous versions either. I used Cubase 9 earlier today as well, before switching to 9.5. In 9.03, if I change the name of the file in the info line, it just displays the new name on the event, not the old and new name like it’s doing now in 9.5. So something has definitely changed.

PS: In the Pool and in the file folder on my computer, it shows only the new name, so that suggests to me it’s something Cubase is doing.

Interesting. I confirmed what the OP posted (the new “File” name is added in parentheses). This is definitely different from what used to happen in previous versions of CB when you changed the “File” field in the Info Line.

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It must be a preference then because I am on Cubase 9 and it does it also… I will look for it. I am very curious now.

Actually, I can confirm that it sometimes does it and sometimes not. It may have something to do with the relation between the event and the clip…

I think it is when there are multiple events from the same clip, such as take 1 and take 2 from the same clip (for example, continuous looped recording), then it gives the name of the clip and the event. Still trying to confirm that…

Well, I have figured out that it seems, on the events themselves, the name is actually, in the format of “Region (clip)” if there is a region created, which does happen in loop recording with multiple takes.

On the info line, there is actually “File” and “Description”. Description was turned off on mine. I turned it on and it is basically the name of the event, it seems. If the “File” and “Description” are the same, it just displays once. If they are different, both are displayed in the format of “Description (File)”.
So, just turn on Description on the info line and make the name the same. Or, do it in the Media Pool…

One last interesting thing though… Changing the file name to match the description does not remove the parenthesis. You have to change the description to match the file. Maybe that is intentional because multiple events with different names could refer to the same file.

I’ve also been experimenting and yes, if one activates Description, and then deletes what is in that box, one sees only the new file name after that. But that’s NOT the way it’s always worked before…for me anyway. Also, so no one gets confused, there are no multiple events and clips involved…this a straight and simple single audio file generated from a MIDI track…the simplest approach possible.

I think you are correct that it actually has nothing to do with regions or multiple takes from one clip. That is just a common way to end up with a file and description that are different. It actually only depends on having a file and description that are different.
I also agree that I don’t think it was always like this. I have been using Cubase since version 5 and don’t remember File and Description. I remember just having an event “Name”. That being said I can say that version 9.0.30 has the separate File and Description tags.