Audio event scale very small

Hello, this is my first post and question. I hope it’s understandable. I’m using Cubase Elements 7.06

How do you change the scale of the audio waveform in the audio track of the Project Editor? As you can see in the image I posted the waveforms look like they’re clipping when actually they’re only about max -12dB. They appear normal in the Sample Editor of the same waveforms I have above it. I thought is was some quirk of Cubase until I noticed in the Steinberg tutorials that the Audio Tracks look as I’d expect.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Chris

“Waveform zoom slider”

Thanks for the quick reply. I actually just came here to delete this post. I decided to download the “Lucky 7” sample project from the SB site to get to the bottom of this. And once I saw that the wavs were normal in that project in my setup, I began to really look…and found it rather fast. I just got Cubase and am a little green. Thanks again.