Audio Event simple pan & mulailane playable

Hiya, I want to put in a request for simple pan of audio event. Like how we can do fade in and fade out and volume but also Pan.
Also also ability to add more points to volume to adjust volume on the event instead of using automation and fade volume controls.

Also also also, we can have multiple audio on multiple lanes but could have have it so we could play multiple lanes too.
This saves needing to copy a track including plugins etc just to have say one bit we need a double or layer of using same settings
on track. I know there is render in place but it’s nice not having too and having direct access to source unrendered.

If it can cross fade then it’s already have programmed to layer.

I think both your ideas would make a project, and the control of the project, feel very scattered and unorganized. I think it’s sometimes better to have a consistent workflow topology that you are creative within than it is to have every possible way of doing everything.

However, they could make it easier to add pan automation without having to add automation track lanes and change tools and such.