Audio Event Tries to Crossfade with Itself...

…rather than the adjacent audio event on the same track. Any thoughts why this would happen?


Put them on the same Lane

Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately that has no effect. See attached screenshot.

Yeah that’s weird. If you clear the crossfade and recreate it does the same thing happen?

Try selecting your fade and use Audio>Open Fade Editor(s) to see if any settings there look odd.

After selecting “remove fades” and recreating them, the problem persists. I switch between “equal power” and “equal gain” fades often, so I’m in the fades editor a lot. Opening the editor on these fades shows nothing ou of the ordinary.

What’s odd is that it’s really just for certain events. Most of the events on this track don’t have this issue. This is also true on other tracks in this project. The problem also persists across reboots of Cubase and my workstation.

I’m stumped. Thanks again for the reply.

Just grasping at straws - could it be related to specific audio files, maybe write permissions, or…? When you look Events where this is happening vs. those that don’t, do you notice any patterns?