audio events lose transpose values


Cubase 9.0.10, win7 x64

Audio events lose all transpose settings when reopening a project that contains files that were imported and auto-transposed to the project key via mediabay.

this is a hit and miss, as it has retained the transpose info before. - as it only happens sporadically, I would call it a “Mood swing bug”…


  1. set project key
  2. import a key-tagged file with different key info via F5 mediabay
  3. save project
  4. reopen project
    • Transpose values of files reset to 0



Sent you a PM.

sent you one back - please let me know how i can help…

also, with the way mediabay is now functioning - It automatically assigns a key to my akai files when played in mediabay. (the mediabay auto tags them with a value of 60(C2) etc etc. - then , when one manually sets the key to “none” - how can one reset the “none” to nothing, so it retags the file?

  • Here we need to have the project root key change only affect all newly imported samples.
    (or select all events in the arranger and set root key if the material that is already in place should transpose.)

also- when manually setting the bpm in mediabay, it is impossible to delete the values again to return it to a “vanilla” bpm state… (worked fine in v8)

also- if a mixdown is done in cubase (say 1 bar), when playing the freshly mixdowned file via mediabay in the same project - the tempo is often off… is it be possible to tag mixdowns with proper bpm info for mediabay use?


this is a rather odd behaviour…

(media bays key auto inputs the wrong key)
the key is in the title of the filename and compared to the “auto” fill key , it is totally off.
(this is with regular samples) - and - it resets when going into another folder and back…

Im also experiencing this with Cubase pro 9

Was this issue ever resolved … thanks