Audio events' waveforms disappearing when zoom out

Have any of you encountered these problems?
I am in nuendo 8. WHen I paste audio at the end of wave form, a huge part of wave form preceding the pasted one disappears. It shows when you zoom in. and when you zoom out it disappears again.
It happens right in the editor.
If you exit editor, you can see it in the project view as well. Please see in the video(s)

Why is that?

I, also, have cubase 9.5. It happens there too, but not as severe… there it sort of starts to flicker as you zoom in/out

Oh, in case one of you wonders, QUICK ZOOM is/was/has been always disabled (not checked)

Just in case, could test this as well on your nuendo 8/cubase 9 versions.

Try to copy some audio and then select a portion of audio and try to paste into it. It is supposed to replace the highlighted. This is how it used to work. Now, it just pastes and shifts whatever was highlighted to the right. Really terrible thing. Arghhh

and last but not least: VST Connect - two options to connect - the one where you are supposed to log-in with your email and password, does not work at all. Keeps telling you to enter correct information.

I just paid a ton of money and bought nuendo 8, and upgraded cubase 7.5 to 9.5 … such a disappointment!