Audio Export and Import Time Savers


When I export the multiple stems of a track (for later use by someone else) I’d like the resulting files to read just ‘Song Title Initials Instrument Name’ and nothing else. At the moment when I do this, I put the song title initials in the ‘name’ box but then, as shown in the preview window, the file at the other end ends up showing this data in the middle: ‘- (4 digit number) - Audio’.

That means I have to click on every WAV file individually and manually erase that data in the middle. Does anyone know how to make it so the exported file just shows 'Song Initials Snare"?

Also, on my MacBook Pro, the exported stem files appear (in the folder I’ve made) in the same order as they appeared in the Cubase 11 project window, but when I then mass import them into a new project they unhelpfully come in in alphabetical order. Anyone know how to make them appear in the correct order please?

Any help much appreciated.



I hope I’m not wrong but, on the export window, next to ‘Name’ there is a cog icon.

When you click it, it gives you the options to name your files as you like.

You could perhaps choose ‘Project Name’ i.e. your song, and ‘Channel Name’ i.e., instrument?

Would that work?


And you can add a number to the name as well.
Have a look at these manual pages.


Cubase retrieves these files from the disk. Files on the disk are not sorted in any shape or form. The contents probably aren’t even contiguous. So Cubase doesn’t know how you want them sorted. You could try adding the channel number to the start of the filename.

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