Audio export and render in place vsti different starting point

Hi , ive found that “render in place” and “export audio” the same vst instruments , they started at different timing ( in waveform, not event starting point) . But the timing right where it start with the same instruments in Protools (internal bussing to record it back) .

let me post some photos and anyone can tell me how to fix this “export latency compensation " or " IO compensation” in cubase 9 pro?

lately i have a project , im using some wave base sound and loops together with Vsti for the song . i export the vsti ( drums for instance) to mixing engineer for mixing purpose, but he claimed that my Vsti drum sound are not in line with the wave layered sound , out of phase… this is a shame for a user that using cubase about 16 years, maybe im in wrong setting for several years ?


i try to open the same project in nuendo 7 , using the the export and render in place to compare. the result still the same…