Audio export as separate flow files contains only first flow audio

I have a project with multiple flows. Each flow has a different video attached. I am trying to export separate audio files for each flow, to include the audio from the attached video as well as my scored instruments. Exporting works as designed if I do not select “Export each selected flow as a separate file”. However, if I do select this option (which I would like to, as I am trying to generate audio for each flow), the output files are incorrect. Each one is the correct length, but all of them start with the audio from the first flow. This seems like a bug. At some point early on working on this project, the feature was (I believe) working correctly. Something seems to have corrupted the audio outputting process. I’ve tried restarting, etc.

Thanks for your help!

Replying to myself here. I have a workaround. I move flow I want to export to be the first flow. Then I export just that flow. Repeat for each one. Not ideal, but working for now.

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