Audio Export Crashes HARD

I attempted to make an mp3 of my latest piece for two friends, and Dorico went berserk. Not only did it crash, but it would freeze up during audio engine processes at launch even after a system logout. It took me shutting down my Mac to get Dorico running again. Scared to try again… Any advice? (Particulars: mp3 audio, full score, Aria Player/GPO4, enjoying a glass of cabernet at the time)

I found I had to export to wav, then convert to mp3. But there is another thread here:

I read that thread; different problem.

Nope. WAV export killed me too. I wonder if it’s a VST 3party thing…

I’m launching/force quitting on purpose to try and capture status messages from the launch window. So far, hangups happen at:

Audio Engine: Waiting for connection
Attached to Audio Engine
Initializing Audio Engine
Initializing Playback Controller

It looks like you’re on the public beta for the next Mac OS - maybe that could be the problem?

Certainly a possibility. Perhaps is the price I pay for my Viking spirit. :unamused:

Sometimes the bird has to fly into the plate glass! :slight_smile:

If you have another computer you could try it there maybe, by downloading the demo if necessary - good luck!

Do or did you get any crash log? If you have, could you please post here.
Also, could you please zip up the folder /Users/your-user-name/Library/Preferences/VSTAudioEngine and post here?

Further, don’t know if you are aware of it, though export is faster than realtime, long pieces still may take a long time to export, and we don’t have a progress bar implemented, so it is not so obvious when it is actually finished.
Have you tried with some more simple pieces, maybe just a handful of bars and see if that does work?

I didn’t get a crash log (sorry) but here’s the folder you asked for: (244 KB)

Ulf, a little melodic reprint file I did exported just fine. Must be the piece I was working on.

Tony, thanks for the upload. I’ve been looking at the log files, but couldn’t find any useful information in this case.

The fact that something more simple does export for you really suggests that is has to do with the piece you were working on. Maybe you could post it here or send me via private mail, then I could try and see if it also doesn’t export with me.

Ulf, here’s the piece in question. Daniel’s trying to help me sort out a staff spacing issue with this one too…
Stir Up Your Power (ELIJAH ANTON) (Ward) (262 KB)

Hi Tony, thanks for the upload. First thing that I did notice when loading the project, there is no instrument loaded so it won’t play back anything. But even in this form, I could export the piece to Wave format, but of course, it is all silence. But I’m on Win here at the moment, have a Mac only in the office. Could you please go to Play Mode and do Play > Apply Default Playback Template? That should load a HALion instance with the appropriate sounds. If you then export, does it still crash? Maybe we have an issue on Mac while exporting a piece without an instrument.

Well, I had Aria Player (GPO4) loaded here, but after applying defaults, I’m still freezing up (beach balls aplenty on my Mac). Took a while to Force Quit completely (the HALion window stayed up for 2 minutes after).

Dorico does appear to hang when exporting audio on Mac: you get the beachball, and there’s no progress dialog. But if you leave it running for a few minutes you should find that the audio file is exported completely. When the beachball disappears you should find that the exported audio file, which is created at the start of the export process as a 0 byte file, now shows a proper size, and that indicates that the export has completed successfully. Obviously adding a better indication of progress on Mac is a high priority for us.

Did you try with a Merlot?
Happy New Year